Saturday, November 8, 2014

Enough hatred for a single day

I was TubeFollowing videos in YouTube where I searched for accident related videos. Started with Plane crashes, then to Truck crashes, then got interested and wanted to see Road accidents in India. The Road accidents were horrible. Even more horrible was the Hatred speech in the comments section below. There were a lot of Racist remarks and people were fighting between each other. Trying to prove their superiority on which Race is better. Amidst this battle I see some serious scathing comments between multiple sections of people. Looking at all these really fed me up and wanted me to more focus and find that Unified field and transcend there and realise all these are nothing but a variation or an instance of Maya. I cannot change them or educate them, from a pure practical standpoint, although I would like to. However what I can do to fix them is to find my inner self for answers. Hope I will find it someday at least in this life or the next.