Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tour de Pondy

Jp(Jayaprabhu) once sent me a mail with the subject line 'Karate for u', depicting a motorcyclist doing a venturous stunt. It was just a 45 seconds clipping. I never thought our karate (Lt.Prabhu) would take it seriously. Ironically he did. It was on our jaunt to Pondy, karate exhibited some vivid bike driving skills along the ECR road on 11th of August 2007. The road was very narrow and had a fine turn where speeds of even 70 kmph would prove to be fatal. But karate still managed to park the bike going at 90kmph!! It was due to his superior reflexes, he brought the bike to a halt. Many might say it to be an accident. But i personally dont feel so. Its simply because, the place he landed was no desert. It was infront of a snack bar :).
This trip to pondicherry is definitely not a memorable one. It was just because more than half the defaulters - Baju, Abhi, Delhi, Sankar, Amit and Lava were missing. Compared to excursions like ooty, yercaud, kodaikanal etc, this one was nothing.
Maani and Arvind desperately wanted to chill themselves by having a bike trip to any place. Around chennai, pondy is the only recognizable spot and known well for its cheap booze. Arvind, myself, jp, maani, karate, mamu, sudan and roger geared up. Jack, Baju and Lava had their own reasons not to come.
Nothing great to say about the trip. We started off at 2PM compared to the planned time of 10AM on saturday. Reached there around 6PM and were straying in the streets to find a decent room. Finally got one at a heavy price of 3600 a day!!. The only joyous moment was that night where there was a series of disputations between Maani and Arvind both having their 'moments' ridiculing each other. It was really entertaining and funny. Other than that, nothing more to say about this one. 6.5 out of 10.


Prabhu Selvaraj said...

Nice blog.Everything is fine until you mentioned abt the "Snack bar" :)
Don't forget that your rating of 6.5/10 for this blog which is mainly due to the (adventure) event i caused or else shld be less, i guess. One thing i just want to mention is that the greater sufferer of this trip would be JP, my pillion rider and the owner of the bike. i'm not sure how he felt the burnt but it shld be really really bitter, I'm sorry for him.He entrusted his bike up on me but it went in vain.
May God show mercy up on me[;)]

And Dude thanks for the appreciation of my skills which I deserve..thanks[:p]

U (Braga) and Mamu were right behind my wheels[:)]..I think you guys would have loved it :)..
I would like JP to put some comments which would b certainly cool..JP?

Lava (Sanskrit: लव) said...

The misadventure of Karate.... Nice one.. Bit sad that i missed the trip...

Prabhu Jayaraman said...

According to my investigation, he did dis to get some OC snacks n soft drinks from snackbar(w.r.t parking right infront of d snackbar)...that too from other's pocket money enacting as injured...hmmm looks like a well planned activity....pity for jp's bike n heart which have to bear d burnt...d details of dis cruel act have been posted by d culprit himself to me which goes somewat like dis ...

Dint hav much. I had some amt of
7up and some scraps goodday,
egg bonda,
But couldnt go for more..even small quantities of these filled my stomach
The destruction was not efficient but all goals were achieved
(source: as scrapped by karate to jack)

Wat i never understood is - r these items for a single person r a godown...since only a godown can take these many logistics support.

Prabhu Jayaraman said...

karate y dont u apply for motogp...heard gud prospects for ur skills...i.e, washing n cleaning

Prabhu Selvaraj said...

Thiruttu Jack,
How can u publish such confidential matters over the net?Your negligence of information security is strictly punishable under Information Security Act of 2007.[:)]
The only thing I had at the snack bar was a Mirinda (that too I paid for the whole expense there).The previous comment is based on a false evidence..[:(]

Unknown said...

:-) You guys still have not gotten over college life, have you?
Was good to read!

bragadeesh said...

@karate : thirutu karate dog.. nee thirunthave maatiya..

bragadeesh said...

@divya : yea.. dont know for how many more days we'l be like this.. already half our team is shattered.. :(

Jayaprabhu Nadarajan said...

Wat do we have here?We have...
Mr.Karate->90KMph->Nasty Skid->My CBZ

Here i would like to bring to your notice some events which happened right before our Road trip.
Everyone was at our place and we were passing time by teasing each N everyone.As usual we were concentrating on mamu and

Aako.Braga was explaining about Aako`s terrible act during 2nd year of our college to the newcomers Sudhan and Roger.Things
like this will surely aid in free our mind before a trip.

We all looked at our watches as soon as maani said "Ok guyz,Its time to hit the road".I thought to myself "Oh boy i really miss my college life".At de same time i also noticed some changes in Karate.I cant put it in words here.But anyway i wil try
to depict expression on karate`s to you.It was something like "Kaathu pona balloonu".To be precise,you can think of "Karate
with pulpy orange bottle in his hand" and "Karate with empty pulpy orange bottle in his hand".

Everyone went outside to get their bikes to start the show.At tat time karate asked me to come inside the house and suddenly
said tat "I am not coming for this trip".Mamu who came inside the house to collect his helmet also heard this.While i was trying to figure out wat went wrong with karate,mamu said "If he is not coming i am also not coming" with serious expression on his face.Till date i have no clue whether mamu said it for real or to make karate believe that he is the culprit for ruining a trip.Anyway it worked out well ,karate took his bag and joined others who had no clue about what happened inside.

It all started well.Totally 4 bikes,Myself and Braga in one bike, Mamu and Karate in another, maani and Roger in one and 10S
and Sudhan in the other.Karate was the only person who was wearing a proper driving costume.He looked like a pro driver in tat costume.

We had our first pit stop near mahabalipuram. The place was a scenic one .We took some snaps over there.When we were about to leave ,that terrible thing happened. Karate said i want a change, i will travel with JP in his CBZ.I have no idea y karate
wanted to travel with me that time.Later after tat sad accident i came to know from mamu the reason for the swap. He wanted
to try mamu`s pulser during tat journey but mamu said a big NO so he came with me.

After the first pit stop.I started to push my bike I was able to touch a max of 110 and a steady 100KMph.At the same time maani was also speeding his bike .He was riding on Jack`s Apache and not with his fiero.But even though it was new to him he overtook me very easily wit tat bike.For nearly five minutes both of us were racing like anything.I didnt wanted to take any risks,so i dropped my speed.I know that even though i dropped my speed i will again try to catch up with maani.

At that point i made a big mistake.I offered my bike to karate.I saw a big brightness,happiness in karate`s face.After sitting behind him i told him just a few words,"Drive confidently and safely".Karate nodded his head like he understood
everything.He was driving at a speed of 80KMph ,there was a big sign on the left side of the road ,It said "A RIGHT TURN IS AHEAD",even an one eyed man will not miss it.

When karate reached the turn he was at 90KMph and still raising.I dont know wat happened to him, he was not bothered atall about the turn.Naturally u cant take a turn at 90KMph at that road.So instead of taking a right turn,he went straight.Mathematically speaking,he was drawing a tangent to an arc(the actual road).Karate realised tat he is heading straight to the bushes,The fear of death got to him and so he was not able to think properly.Instead of lowering his gear down at first place ,he applied clutch and the breaks.As my machine is a 140kg monster it didnt stop instantly.The result of it was a nasty fell.A big crowd started to gather around us and some wise guys in tat crowd started to put advice.And it took nearly 2 fantas and some considerable amount of snacks to bring karate`s BP to normal.

Once Karate was ready we started our journey to pondy with my injured panther with a lil difference, this time i was driving my bike :)

Prabhu Selvaraj said...

Hey you can't say I missed the sign board or I didn't realize the turn..
I just tried was to exhibit a Cobra maneuver [;p]

bragadeesh said...

Karate is the culprit to the core.. It has to be observed that he hasnt even tried a watersnake (thanni paambu) slide with his new bike!