Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cross Roads

We have always been presented with choices. Right from the objective questions in first grade to selecting a brand for your first bike choices follow us. Even for an apt picture for this article, I had to choose. Choices are what decides our life. There are innumerous forks possible if you had chosen something for something else. In most of the cases our choices prove to be irreversible. The magnitude of the choices vary for each situation.
Choices made that are morally and objectively correct are always the toughest to choose. With age, our conscience gets better and unfortunately we tend to know the difference between which is right and which is wrong. At times this may involve in absorbing an insane amount of pain. You don't have to as there is always an exit available in this highway called life, but then success always takes the most toughest path. Its been like that and will always be like that.
In the cross roads of life, choosing a path that is made of principles, courage, righteousness and self sacrifice will definitely lead to character and mould us into a better person. Easiest to say, toughest to implement.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Addiction can be crudely classified in two categories. Physical and Mental both driven by the latter. This is when your heart really takes over with the head being a mute spectator committing an array of temporary suicides.

One of the best things, beauty perhaps is how one convinces himself about the submissive nature and tries to align himself so that the guilt is constantly subsided. There are infinite types of addictions; the top three being Alcohol, Smoking and Drug. The above three are associated with the physical forms. They cause damage slowly and steadily.

Addiction's worst form is when the mind falls a prey. Its like a virus right at the source of thoughts. It pollutes everything. You value something, values turn into thoughts, thoughts turn into action, and actions are what defines you. When you screw up your prioritization, everything falls apart and follows a rugged path. The thing that many wise people do here is to understand this and have the courage to come out of it. Whereas the genius one will understand and fall into it. At times, its preferable to be wise than genius. Period.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Golden mistake

I am a huge fan of Jay Weidner, a less known figure who has framed a lot of theories especially pertaining to where this world is headed and how fast things happen and about 2012. For some reasons, I was able to tune well with him. Most of my own analysis and predictions happen to sync with him. Time has started to move at a very fast pace, the tension is getting heavier by the day.
The future is very dark in terms of where this society going towards. Human beings have been given the liberty to value whatever they like and the objective feeling on what value point towards love. Unfortunately, there are lots of other things considered valuable these days. The pinnacle of it is the rise in the demand for Gold being exponential. Below is the latest graph on the change in price of Gold over the past 20 years.
I am not going to bore you with the impact of the increased demand of this metal on the society and to this world. My strong feeling is that this particular metal is going to cause a lot of damage and the day where Jay Weidner going to tell us "I told ya" is not very far away. What we are doing is really a golden mistake.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Potential Energy

PE = mgh Joules. That is potential Energy in scientific terms. Few examples are a raised hammer, water stored behind a dam, pressure inside a cylinder. The gist here is that energy is stored in a stale form ready to be vented out. The output will in turn be converted into some other form of energy as we all know about the law of conversation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be transferred from one form into another.
I just felt how much potential all of us have and all they need is a trigger to vent itself out. The outcome of a heavily stored energy although predictable, can equally lead to disaster. An atom bomb is a very good example. The potential each atom possesses in this nature is immense given its miniscule nature. Although most of the energy it vents out may be properly used, the side effects are something that are not desirable which in turn has very high potential to result in catastrophe. Channelizing this is of prime importance. One who does it effectively in a good direction becomes successful. Because you can use it effectively in an entirely disastrous direction as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The downward Spiral

I develop a lot of applications and software in my day to day work. One of the most important aspect that determines the "quality" of the application being developed is to stress test it. Stress testing can be of many forms. How good is the system responding at various loads. What is the upper bound of load the system could withstand? What would be the number of simultaneous requests it could take and could still serve its purpose? What resources usage it would require to accommodate the standards that has to be met?
Well the answer to all these always are specific. I found this so much related to life or was this imbibed a lot from life?
Life would be perfect if you go through your happy day scenario. You have born with a silver spoon, good parents, good education, good life, good spouse, good children, good everything. This in most of the cases will not happen. We need to prepare ourselves for "other" cases as well. What if this goes wrong, what if that goes wrong, how do I react to it. Beauty is, people tend to learn a lot from every experience and maturity levels keep getting better when you face the worse often. But at times, when the stress/pressure is too much, there is great possibility that the system will crash. This phase is called the "DOWNWARD SPIRAL".
Things suck during this time. Nothing will go right, even if remotely something does, brain tells that its not right. The self demotivation will be at its peak. Anything that is supposed to be helpful will result in tragedy. It would be insanely painful to withstand this period. There would be lot of easy escape routes tempting to be taken. It wont matter how talented you are, you could still be a victim. This is the most darkest and the dangerous zone a person can be put into.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Am I satisfied?

I have always wondered about the 'nature' of people. Each and every person will have something unique compared to the other. Have you ever asked yourself this question 'Am i satisfied?'. Many may unfortunately come up with an answer NO. Dont try to argue to me, but definitely NO is the answer most of us will get. If you're getting a YES, then your heart is something really gifted. Being satisfied is like chasing a white smoke. There are various levels of satisfaction. Some may never become satisfied irrespective of whatever money they earn, whatever places they go, they simply need more and more. Well, I am not blaming them, I'm just saying that is how their heart is structured. On the other hand, some people may very well remain happy with whatever they possess. They may not be using their potential to the max, yet they can remain satisfied.

Satisfaction is a purely relative concept. Say, there is an ultra talented person who can do marvels when he exploits his god given gift. Still, he may not be using it and will remain satisfied with whatever he is doing. But this might look crazy and annoying for some other person who knows clearly that the other is not utilizing his talents.
Remaining satisfied may imply being lazy too. Laziness is not a bad thing. It is something you are gaining in the present, something you are enjoying the 'now'. Even laziness has many forms, many bands of laziness are there. Crazy lazy is one extreme level where the basic necessity of a person comes under question. I am speaking at an elevated wavelength, people at my level can very well grab what I am trying to say :).
'How to get satisfied?' Well this is a million dollar question. There are lots and lots of possible answers to this question. Many may be correct and many my not be but still there are almost infinite number of solutions possible for this. Ofcourse, I have my own perspective, one in zillion. Well that is, "Dont worry too much about the future, try to enjoy the present". Easier said than done :).
Please dont expect a proper introduction/conclusion to my posts, as it will be scattered and thoughts are been spit out.
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