Monday, January 19, 2015

TCS Layoff

No one was complaining when Information Technology sector folks were receiving hefty pay-checks compared to a Government employee of similar experience and role. No one came forward to standardise the pay structure that falls in line with Indian Labour Laws. Suddenly, there is a heightened sense of merging the private sectors with Government rules and law. The problem does not lie on what TCS is doing. It is a bit deeper. IT Sector has had a huge impact on country's growth - no doubt, but it has also inflated or false projected a lot of other sectors. For a company like TCS, under performers are a nightmare that they have struggled for a long time. Same goes for the Wipros, HCLs, Infys, Accentures, CAP Geminis. If you are a genuine performer and you are skilled enough - why cry out in social media/public and why not find a better job elsewhere - I am sure Information Technology market sector is good enough and adopts performers all over the country and abroad. If you are an under performer and you are scared of losing a job in a low-standard recruitment company like TCS, then it is pretty damn clear that you cannot and should not be complaining.