Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Boxing ring with my greatest fear

This was one of the assignments I received for my writing practice. 

Prompt: You find yourself in a boxing ring with your greatest fear. Describe the scene and detail your plan of attack.

It was 2 AM early Saturday morning and the streets of Bradley Cross were void of people. The snow had already started to get worse and the only sound one could hear was the accelerating breeze around the neighborhood. I felt I was the only one to be walking in that deserted night. The weather was freezing and I had to use an extra thermal wear to go along with my usual woolen jacket. I was walking towards the Regent towers. I entered the building and walked through the narrow hallway. The lights inside the building were only partially lit and a flickering bulb led me to a large wooden door at the end of the hallway. I went and knocked it exactly three times. A man 6 foot seven opened it and said in a thick Russian accent - 'Come fasther, it is going to starth, we were all waithing for you'

20 minutes later I was standing at the arena surrounded by a dense crowd waiting to see a fight whose result they all knew. Although the odds were entirely stacked up against me, a good chunk of them came to see the flight hoping I would somehow win and conquer my long-term enemy any my greatest nightmare Mr.Floosing (Fear of Losing)

My fifteen-minute buzzer beeped.