Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 A Personal Review

It feels like writing a review for the year 2017 yesterday! (the exact lines I used to start the previous years' review!)

This year has been equally fantastic as well if not better.

Starting with the statistics habit wise

Meditation: Every month is a tower! A streak of perfect 365 days! If counted from the previous year this is a 552-day streak! No misses whatsoever in the meditation practice of 2 hours every day. When I was flying, feeling tired, feeling happy, feeling excited, different places, different countries, I always meditated. It has become a habit and I think one more year if I maintain this sort of discipline I should remove this tracking from my list because it's as effortless as brushing my teeth. I have a target for this year however is to have more sittings in Adhitaana posture - the posture of strong determination. I did a lot in 2018 with few 2-hour Adhitaana sittings and many 2-hour marathon sittings as well. I would want to pump this to 3-4 hours/day to have more returns. I am optimistic and I think this should be achievable in the new year! Last year this was at 278 days.

Reading: Compared to 275 days last year, this year it was 333!, which is a clear improvement. Although the velocity was not as much as it was in the year 2016, I still was able to complete a humble 14 books. Some of them were mammoth books like 4-hour workweek, Unscripted. I also re-read Swami Vivekananda's Karma Yoga. Planning to continue the same discipline this year as well!

Yoga/Stretching: This has taken a hit in the year 2018 compared to the year 2017. Only 29 check-ins in the entire year compared to 91, 109 in the previous two years! Yes, I am a bit embarrassed. I will have to see how to bump this to at least 100 this year.

Sports Activity: Compared to the previous year of 44 and 51, this year saw a total of 30. Ideal for this is to be around 52. At least I know how I did last year, will definitely need some improvement in this new year.

Waking up on time: 238 Check-ins in the year 2018. Compared to previous years 250. I will definitely have to push this to upwards of 300 or change the wake-up time definition from 9AM to perhaps 8 AM this year. Let's see.

Compared to the previous year, this year was demanding in terms of workload. From the statistics above, I could see I definitely need some more effort to be put on the sporting and exercise activities as I see them wane from the once healthy state. The meta habit to fix that is to wake up between 5-6 AM and go to bed earlier. That way I can consistently allocate hours to finish the Meditation and Exercise. Also keeping a routine on the sporting activity.

2019 is going to be extremely challenging since I could be staying outside India with tons of workload. It is extremely important to keep an eye on the health because without the vessel of the body and a healthy mind, achieving things are going to be difficult. I thank God and my family for me being in a healthy state and again this year, I never had to visit a hospital or fall sick, not even once. 2018 clearly was another healthy year, would definitely want to make 2019 a better one.

Wish you all a happy new year 2019!


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