Sunday, August 5, 2007

My 1st year at verizon..

This one i wrote inside comments section of madhan's blog. I was not having a seperate blogpage then. Having my own one now, its more appropriate to move it here..

Is first year a champagne or cyanide at Verizon?
I'd say it was full of champagne coz of the following reasons
1) Training period.. A WELL BEGUN IS A HALF DONE. nalla entertaininga irunthuchu.. esp our salaivaan; avaru classla vanthale comedythaan.
2) Project - nalla project. OPyum adikalam, workum interestinga irukum. nalla lead. (en lead kaeta, he'l say 'enna paathu nallavanu sollitanapa') :)
3) Friends - got a uniq set of close friends : bala, madan, rajagopal, andi, abinav
4) Figures - konjam kammithaan, irunthaalum oru 10-12 paera paathu site adichu adichu kannu avinji poachu.
5) My workstation : Good place to pass time after spending many tiring hours @ Cafeteria/Breakout/Dhanam mess /Food court/Olympia lawn. (he he he)
6) Sametime/Lotus Notes : ithu irunthathaan en kalai(well, for most it'l be aftnoon) velaigal sevvaney seyalpadum.
7) TT (latest fever) : daily oru 2 hours.

But a lil bit of cyanidum iruku.. :(
1) verizon policy : cell phone, mp3 player edhuvum kondu vara koodathu. Thummanumna kooda, ivanungalta trouble ticket raise panni permission vaanganum.
2) perutha avamaanam in april 2007 (guess my vz friends can understand this :) )
3) thoppai - s/w engineeraga maarnathuku kedacha thandanai.Ithoda niruthikiren..
overall solla pona this 1 year's rating : 8 outof 10.

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