Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Pilot

Time : 2:18 AM
Date : August 06 2007
Bored after reading my 38th wordlist in GRE Barron's book, i thought i would take a break. Amidst studying the list, lava showed me a post in his blog. It was impressive. Moved by that, i thought why not create my own blog? Had to copy lava's title though ;-). Two full days i did not touch my book. Watched two movies Zodiac and Apocalypto.
Zodiac was a nice movie. Started watching that movie with Jp, Karate and lava at usual 2 AM on saturday night. Jp retired at the start going into deep sleep. Karate was there for some half hour watching the murder scenes alone by some X serial killer he had to retire as well. Our lava murthy tried his max to keep himself up for some 70 mins, but he too cant withstand as it was already 3.10AM and still some 70 more mins were left in the movie!! Everyone were asleep. So i switched over to headphones and finished off that movie. It was good. I've seen many movies of this kind - serial killer based. Some of them include se7en, primal fear, silence of the lambs where the killer will finally be revealed through some three to four twists in the climax. But in this movie which is based on a real incident, the killer is still not found, although they have one suspect name 'leigh', but this case is still open in vallejo, SF. Finally went to bed at 4.45 AM.
Next day woke up at 2PM. Well i did not intend to. A phone call from my relatives made me do it. That full day was spent playing chess. Night ordered pizza and finally felt that two days i did nothing. Out of guilt, started a wordlist and then this blog. Enough for a pilot version. I stop here.

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