Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saturation levels getting reached. Next stop Breakdown.

Nature's beauty is that it doesn't want anything to be static. Everything keeps changing and change is what we call as time. Time is one mysterious concept that many physicists/scientists want to beat/break. It has been impossible since and I don't see any advancements in that area in the near future.

I have a very strong feeling that we are in a saturation level right now. Yes, there is an immense scope of expansion/innovation in technology, lifestyle and all that. But all these are happening at a pace even nature cant control.

Its very hard to digest/see the imbalance between the rich and poor in the society exceeding limits. The climate is severely getting damaged. The raise in temperature every year is going to beat Moore's law. We tend to remain close doors, put AC, pump out the air from our homes, buildings, vehicles and send it out to the atmosphere. There is a limit that it can take. One of the lethal weapons that nature has in its Arsenal is the calamity. We're experiencing too many in the recent times and its only going to get doubled each year.
It is not going to be a big surprise if end will be reached in 2012, in fact many people would prefer that then.

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Murali said...

Unless everyone realises the serious impacts of climate..the world is gonna end sooner if not 2012..

bragadeesh said...

I guess even realizing this wont have any effect. The pill is swallowed. Things will come to an end. Yeah, 2012 is sooner, but definitely in our generation it'l end.