Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chess and Life.. Continued

One of the things that does not occur so early in a game of chess is resigning. Grandmaster Gary Kasparov once resigned his game after very few moves against a computer opponent as a result of blunder. He knew that he could not carry on. Even if he did, it would have only yielded embarrassment. He could have chosen to continue the game, yet he did not simply to escape the pain during the game. This is where the 'style' of the player comes into effect. He can choose to play or give up as soon as he wants.

Same things may happen in life as well. If people come to know that they have made a blunder that cannot be taken back, then they will be forced to quit irrespective of how strong resources they have in their arsenal. Although its a snap decision, it can be the right one as well. But people are often appreciated if they fight a battle where defeat is inevitable instead of giving up so soon.


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