Sunday, May 15, 2011


Addiction can be crudely classified in two categories. Physical and Mental both driven by the latter. This is when your heart really takes over with the head being a mute spectator committing an array of temporary suicides.

One of the best things, beauty perhaps is how one convinces himself about the submissive nature and tries to align himself so that the guilt is constantly subsided. There are infinite types of addictions; the top three being Alcohol, Smoking and Drug. The above three are associated with the physical forms. They cause damage slowly and steadily.

Addiction's worst form is when the mind falls a prey. Its like a virus right at the source of thoughts. It pollutes everything. You value something, values turn into thoughts, thoughts turn into action, and actions are what defines you. When you screw up your prioritization, everything falls apart and follows a rugged path. The thing that many wise people do here is to understand this and have the courage to come out of it. Whereas the genius one will understand and fall into it. At times, its preferable to be wise than genius. Period.

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