Sunday, May 1, 2011

Potential Energy

PE = mgh Joules. That is potential Energy in scientific terms. Few examples are a raised hammer, water stored behind a dam, pressure inside a cylinder. The gist here is that energy is stored in a stale form ready to be vented out. The output will in turn be converted into some other form of energy as we all know about the law of conversation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be transferred from one form into another.
I just felt how much potential all of us have and all they need is a trigger to vent itself out. The outcome of a heavily stored energy although predictable, can equally lead to disaster. An atom bomb is a very good example. The potential each atom possesses in this nature is immense given its miniscule nature. Although most of the energy it vents out may be properly used, the side effects are something that are not desirable which in turn has very high potential to result in catastrophe. Channelizing this is of prime importance. One who does it effectively in a good direction becomes successful. Because you can use it effectively in an entirely disastrous direction as well.


Abhi said...

just one's the law of conservation of energy..

bragadeesh said...

@abhi.. this shows that you have not read the full post :)