Monday, February 13, 2017

Musical Meditation!

I can confidently say that I am moving to the next phase of inner exploration. In my recent travel between Chennai and San Francisco, I had the blissful experience of doing two things at once. Enjoying music and meditating. During the past 4 years of my ON/OFF meditation, I can say that I am able to touch with my Root, my Inner peace, my blissful state at will. Maybe, it is difficult for the reader to relate what I am saying as these words may not be something described literally.

Anyways, during my recent flight journey, I stumbled upon one of my favorite songs from AR Rahman through the in-flight entertainment system. I tuned to this one song and wanted to concentrate on the various aspects of it. I put this song in a loop a lot of
times and was at total peace in enjoying both the music and the usual Air Conditioning going from my spine to brain.

Such a wonderful experience - now I want to do it again and again!


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