Friday, May 5, 2017

Homo Deus - Book Review

If Yuval's previous book Sapiens was an inconvenient truth about our species' past, this book is a brave, yet a very calculated attempt forecasting how our future will look like. Unlike history, where multiple disruptive changes could not have been experienced in a single lifespan, the current and future changes are thrusting very fast towards us with a myriad of ideas and improvements which we ourselves may soon start to hate. Yuval's prognostication could be deemed baseless, but most of the revamping are already on - some of them even so bizarre and ridiculous. The definition of consciousness and free will would soon come under questioning which could be interpreted as mere algorithms. Yes, it was hard to think each being as an algorithm and that our brains don't just randomly function letting our choices out of free will but through a predetermined set of neutrons and DNA imprints which are scientifically proved.

homo deus book review by bragboy

Forecasting the job market and analyzing the various forks was not an entertaining read either given how much AI has already started impacting and slowly but surely making us humans redundant. It is not a choice anymore because globalization, competition, and economy will dictate the terms of how the entire market should look like. Even worse, these too will be done by machines for machines. Present day, various organizations are using the word "disruption" as a punch line, but it will soon have its literal meaning realized disrupting the very fundamentals of how we lead our life. When that day comes (which is not far by the way, according to Yuval), we as a species could only wish we had not progressed with the pace we progressed.


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