Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Siddhartha - Book Review

Poetic introspection at its best!

Before picking this book and in the first few chapters, my anticipation was that this is going to be a combination of fiction and history of the great Buddha, the sage. Even the name of the book bore his earlier name Siddhartha. As I read, I later found that this was about the journey of a person going through the various hardships of life. The way the author has set the stage and narration, it did not look as if I was reading a story of the third person, but about myself, silently throwing a lot of insights, encouraging self-introspection on how entrenched we've become quenching only the senses but missing the bigger picture called life. A real eye opener, or rather I would say an eye-widener as I've been trying to open my eyes for quite some time through various techniques and practices.

This book does have mild erotic phases which were both pleasant and well written. Let your full imagination kick in and be committed to this, you will love it. Tragedies do occur here and there and I did not realize that I got myself attached to few characters unconsciously.

Also, this book was published almost a 100 years ago by the award winning Nobel laureate Herman Hesse. From an absolute relativistic point of view even stepping back a decade or two and imagining the times on how time was moving slow and how peaceful life was back then. With the advent of all sorts of technology with the phone becoming a constant companion, even taking a quite retreat from the clutches of the day-to-day schedules has become a luxury many can't afford. Reading through this story made me realize a lot of these and want me to focus more of my energy towards spiritual exploration through simple and everyday activities. I'm glad I read this masterpiece of work, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the book "The Alchemist".


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